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International, nongovernmental association
of individual scientists and scholars from all
disciplines, who are experts and leaders in their
own subject areas as recognised by their peers.

Where science meets the world: bridging academia with society

Wrocław Knowledge Hub

The Academia Europaea, an international association of prominent scientists, fosters interdisciplinary research collaboration and offers impartial scientific guidance on matters of European importance. The rise of the Wroclaw  Knowledge Hub exemplifies its impactful role. Dedicated to serving the global academic community, our Hub places particular emphasis on Central and Eastern Europe. Through our various initiatives, we actively nurture regional cohesion, promote intellectual exchange, and advocate for the advancement of knowledge and European values.

Building Bridges Wroclaw 2024


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  • The Knowledge Hubs of Academia Europaea covering cross-border regions such as the Danube region, the Nordic, Baltic and Arctic region, and the Mediterranean and Southern European region, I find an ingenious concept. Since the establishment in 2011 of the first one, the Wroclaw Knowledge Hub, the network of our current seven Hubs contribute to the building of the European Research and Innovation Area much beyond the European Union.

    Marja Makarow
  • The Regional Knowledge Hubs develop their own strong programmes of activity and individual profiles. Each hub has its own website and all members receive regular individual electronic newsletters from the hubs. Please do contact them for help with any events or activity relevant to their regional missions.

    Sierd cloetingh
    president of Academia Europaea


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Past events

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The workshop „Collective Identities, Nations, and Social Spheres”
Grants for refugees from Ukraine
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