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Antony Kalashnikov

Antony Kalashnikov is a doctoral candidate at the Faculty of History, University of Oxford. His current project is titled „Stalinist Monumental Art and Architecture, and the ‘Immortalization of Memory.’” It seeks to demonstrate that the intended audience of Stalinist monumental art and architecture was, at least in part, posterity. The project investigates the motives behind this circumstance and its effect on style and form. His recent publications include: “Strength in Diversity: Multiple Memories of the Soviet Past in the Russian Communist Party (CPRF), 1993-2004,” Nationalities Papers 45.3 (2017): 370-392; and “Interpellation in the Late Soviet Period: Contesting the De-Ideologization Narrative,” Canadian Slavonic Papers 58.1 (2016): 23-48. His paper „Stalinist Crimes and Ethics of Memory” is set to appear in Kritika: Explorations in Russian and Eurasian History 19.3 (2018).