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Onerva Kiianlinna

Onerva Kiianlinna

Title: Divide into empirical and philosophical Aesthetics in the age of Anthropocene

Panel title: Biocultural Evolutionary Aesthetics as an interdisciplinary study

Participants: Piotr Sękowski, Onerva Kiianlinna & Jerzy Luty

Abstract: Anthropocene has drawn our attention to the complex and intertwined human-nature relations as well as the need for cross-disciplinary research in looking at them. Yet, due to a great deal of specialization, humanities and sciences inhabit their own separate scholarly realms. This is the case with philosophical and empirical Aesthetics, too. Are there good reasons for it, or should this divide be challenged in the light of our current understanding of the world and aesthetic agency? If so, to what extent? I will specify a few historical and content-related reasons behind the divide and measure it against some well-known problems with multidisciplinarity.

Bio: Onerva Kiianlinna is a doctoral researcher (graduate student) in aesthetics at the University of Helsinki. She is currently working on her doctoral thesis on the concept of aesthetic judging in contemporary evolutionary aesthetics. Her research has been published in the journals Aisthesis. Pratiche, linguaggi e saperi dell’estetico, Philosophies, and Estetika: The European Journal of Aesthetics