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Piotr Sękowski

Piotr Sękowski

Title: Troubles With the Concept of the Art Instinct

Panel title: Biocultural Evolutionary Aesthetics as an interdisciplinary study

Participants: Piotr Sękowski, Onerva Kiianlinna & Jerzy Luty

Abstract: The talk objective is to analize the concept of the art Instinct, the notion introduced by Denis Dutton (2009). The talk conclusions are that: (1) the idea of art instinct is incoherent and difficult to uphold in the light of contemporary knowledge of the mechanisms of evolution and the course of anthropogenesis; (2) it is, however, a notion that is convenient and explanatorily efficient, as long as one accepts—among other things—the reservation about the non-teleological course of evolution; (3) the art instinct and the phenomenon of art cannot be explained without referring to social processes.

Bio: Piotr Sękowski, PhD, philosopher from Medical University of Lódź, interested in theory of argumentation, logical pragmatics, methodology and philosophy of biology. He is now concentrating on the problem of argumentum ad traditionem in theological context and philosophical aspects of theory of ecohydrology.