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Renate Lachmann

Renate Lachmann is a specialist of Russian formalism, of structuralism, intertextuality and fantastic literature. Her publications include: Memory and Literature: Intertextuality in Russian Modernism, Minneapolis: University of Minnesota Press, 1997; Erzählte Phantastik:
zu Phantasiegeschichte und Semantik phantastischer Frankfurt am Main: Suhrkamp, 2002; Renate Lachmann, Riccardo Nicolosi, Susanne Strätling (Eds.) Rhetorik als kulturelle Praxis München: W. Fink, 2008; Lager und Literatur: Zeugnisse des GULAG Konstanz: Konstanz
University Press, 2019.

The two iconoclasms in 20th century Russia

Two iconoclasms took place in the Russian history of the 20th century: the iconoclasm after the October revolution, and the iconoclasm after the breakdown of the Soviet Union. These two (ideologically opposite) phases of iconoclastic actions (dismantling, destruction) were incited by programs (Lenin’s decree concerning the abolition of tsarist monuments of 1918) and met by controversial reactions to the removal of the statues of Soviet politicians (neocommunists vs. Memorial) in the nineteen nineties.

Key words: Iconoclasm, iconodulism, damnatio memoriae