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Stephanie Weismann

Stephanie Weismann is Hertha-Firnberg-Fellow (FWF) at the Institute of Eastern European History/University of Vienna. She was POLONEZ-fellow (NCN) at the Institute for Cultural Studies at UMCS Lublin 2017 – 2018 doing research on her current project “The Smellscapes of Lublin. An Olfactory History of the 20th Century in East Central Europe”. The study asks how Lublin’s smellscapes continuously have been changing and evolving according to socio-cultural, economic, ecological, and political transformations. It locates different conflicted smellscapes that defined the city’s atmosphere and explores how these smells affected Lublin’s citizens and their everyday life. See:

Stephanie Weismann studied Comparative Literature, German Philology and Slavic Studies at the Universities of Vienna and St.Petersburg/Russia and earned her PhD within the program “Habsburg Galicia and Its Multicultural Heritage” at the University of Vienna with a monograph on “The Potential of Periphery. Leopold von Sacher-Masoch (1836 – 1895) and Galicia” [Wiener Galizien-Studien, Bd.2, Vienna University Press, V&R 2017].

Her research interests are: sensory history, urban smellscapes, history of everyday life in East Central Europe and Russia in the 19th and 20th century.