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Sukanya Das

Dr. Sukanya Das is an assistant professor in sociology at Lovely Professional University. She is doctorate from Jadavpur University, Kolkata. Taking science, technology and society as the central field, she is continuously contributing through teaching and research mostly in the contexts from India. She is co-ooperating with NGOs working for child welfare and women development.

Social Identity into Digital ID: A Transitional Experience from an Academic Organization

The world of social sciences will give an immense amount of methodological explanation and understanding on this ground. Leaving from the theorization of the term, this paper will engage into a new revelation on the construction of identity of individuals percolating through large organizational systems with empirical evidences. An educational organization, with more than thirty thousand students from seventy different countries, is running six hundred events along with the core academic activities in northern part of India. With its sky-high ambition and success, this organization is engaged in the process of premiering an internationally recognized academic institution for its contribution to industry and society through excellence in teaching, learning, and researching. This giant is rolling by an administrative body from more than past thirteen years with an integrated help of Information and communication technology. Digitalization in communication has altered the social being into digital identity transcending them to digital existence. The methodology employed for this study consists of primary research, based on data collected through both semi-structured questionnaires and face-to-face discussion with people concerned with the participants in relevant sectors. One hundred students would be interviewed with scheduled questions and ten social scientists will be generating their expert observation on the theme. Findings of this search are dynamic and diverse in regards of sociological as well as cultural aspects of the field. Hierarchical office structure, department level networking, professional transparency is creating a hindrance on the way of a well-planned academic program to achieve success in creating social identity. Key Words: Digitalization, Information and Communication Technology, Organization, Social Identity, Social system Identity is one of that value-added beliefs that constructs a social reality around an individual which is dynamic in nature.