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Professor Jerzy Langer (MAE) elected as a leader of the FETAG

On the 20th of March 2015 professor Jerzy Marian Langer, president of Wroclaw Research Center EIT+ and professor at the Institute of Physics of the Polish Academy of Sciences, was elected to lead  the FETAG,  a group of 26 consultants for the FET Programme(Future and Emerging Technologies).

The FET is the biggest research programme within the Horizon 2020 Programme. It finances scientific research which aims at the discovery of breakthrough future technologies. Moreover, it finances a variety of interdisciplinary projects which combine different scientific fields (physics, IT, biology, environmental science, social sciences, and humanities) and advanced engineering disciplines. The reason for conducting interdisciplinary projects is to come up with original solutions to be implemented in creating new technologies. The main objective of FETAG is to become the leading EU programme supporting advanced applied research.

This election is an honour for professor Langer, who has a rich experience with working for the most prominent advisory bodies of the European Commission. Professor Langer  also contributed to the establishment of the current FET Programme.

More information can be found here (in Polish).