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Literary Margins and Digital Media – Academia Europaea Literary Margins and Digital Media – Academia Europaea
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Literary Margins and Digital Media

Literary Margins and Digital Media


Traditional elite culture is becoming increasingly marginalized, while forms of cultural expression which were seen as marginal during the first half of the twentieth century, or which, in the terminology of Bourdieu and Even-Zohar, were located at the periphery of the cultural field, have been gaining a more prominent place. The three vital factors that have played a crucial role in this phenomenon are the commercialisation of cultural life, democratic access to culture, and the development of the Internet and new media. The aim of this conference is to discuss the implications of these shifts for European literatures, and particularly for those of Central and Eastern Europe.

First, special consideration will be given to the evolution of literary genres which were until recently deemed marginal from the perspective of the traditional cultural centre, such as children’s and young adult literature, popular literature and, in recent times, electronic literature. Second, a related issue to be discussed will be ways in which literature repositions itself with regard to contemporary technological and social developments. Of interest here is not so much the question whether traditional literary culture will be displaced by new media, but rather in what manner literature reacts to these developments and retains its significance either through a symbiosis with other modes of cultural expression or by generating new genres.


Wednesday, 2015-04-15
08:30 - 09:00
Registration of the participants
09:00 - 09:30
Welcome, Introduction
  • Adam Jezierski, Vice-Rector of the University of Wrocław
  • Bogumiła Staniów, Vice-Dean of the Faculty of Letters, University of Wrocław
  • Tadeusz Luty, Academic Director of the Academia Europaea Knowledge Hub - Wrocław
  • Siegfried Huigen, University of Wrocław, MAE
  • Barbara Kalla, Chair of the Seminar, University of Wrocław
09:30 - 10:15
Bogumiła Suwara, Zuzana Husárová, Gabriela Magová, Bratislava
Aspects ≤3 Digital Literary Production in Central Europe
10:20 - 11:05
Mariusz Pisarski, London
Two Ends and One Beginning. Notes on the Future of Writing in the Post-medial Context
11:10 - 11:30
Coffee break
11:30 - 12:30
Session 1: Intermediation – reading in digital culture Chair: Michael Joyce
  • 11.30-11.50 Urszula Pawlicka, Olsztyn
        Literary Margins and Non-Marginal Changes. Electronic Literature, Intermediation and Perceptual Changes
  • 11.50-12.10 Anna Thörnell, Stockholm
         Electronic Literature - A New Stage for the Reader
  • 12.10-12.30 Discussion 
12:30 - 13:40
13:40 - 15:10
Session 2: Transmedia narratives Chair: Zuzana Husárová
  • 13.40-14.00 Łukasz Mirocha, Warsaw
        Storytelling in the Age of Digital Media. Analysis of Cultural Significance of Netwars / Out of CTRLtransmedia Narrative Project
  • 14.00-14.20 Indrė Žakevičienė, Kaunas
Consumers of Popular Culture or Demanding Dictators? Lithuanian Case
  • 14.20-14.40 Barbara Kaszowska-Wandor, Katowice
        Horror as the Literary Mode of the 'Post-Enlightenment Age'
  • 14.40-15.10 Discussion 
15:10 - 15:30
Coffee break
15:30 - 17:00
Session 3: Literary criticism on the internet Chair: Dirk de Geest
  • 15.30-15.50 Kinga Kasperek, Katowice
Amateur Criticism on the Internet and its Authenticity 
  • 15.50-16.10 Agata Zarzycka, Wrocław
        Edgar Allan Poe’s Adventures in Convergence Culture
  • 16.10-16.30 Alexandru Praisler, Galati
Disempowering the Translator as Intercultural Mediator. The Age of the New Media
  • 16.30-17.00 Discussion
18:00 - 19:30
Literary meeting with Michael Joyce and Zuzana Husárová & L’ubomír Panák
Literary meeting will be held at the Wrocław Contemporary Museum (Muzem Współczesne Wrocław), pl. Strzegomski 2a, 53-681 Wrocław Moderator: Mariusz Pisarski
Thursday, 2015-04-16
09:00 - 09:45
Emilia Ohar, Lviv
The Children’s Book and the Tablet: Consequences of Interaction between Two Realities and Cultures
09:50 - 10:35
Boel Westin, Stockholm
The Tove Jansson Mix: Aesthetics and Media in Literature and Art
10:40 - 11:00
Coffee break
11:00 - 12:00
Session 4: Children’s literature: national developments Chair: Boel Westin
  • 11.00-11.20 Ivana Mijić, Novi Sad
        The Place of Serbian Children's Literature in Multimedia Culture
  • 11.20-11.40 Tomasz Marciniak, Toruń
        Webcomics, Poemics and Other Oddities of the Digital Era in the Context of the Revival of the Children’s Comics in Poland
  • 11.40-12.00 Discussion
12:00 - 13:30
13:30 - 14:30
Session 5: Children’s literature: pedagogies Chair: Dorota Michułka
  • 13.30-13.50 Janet Evans, Independent Scholar
       The Digital Human…Making The Transition From Books To Digital Texts: Imaginative And Creative Responses To Picturebooks And Moving         Image
  • 13.50-14.10 Elma Marais, Potchefstroom
        A In-service Teacher Preparation Program for Using and Teaching Children’s Literature by Using Technology
  • 14.10-14.30 Discussion
14:30 - 15:15
Junko Yokota, Chicago
Picture Books and Story Apps: An Analysis of Visual Narrative Features in Print and Digital Formats
15:20 - 15:40
Coffee break
15:40 - 17:10
IRSCL board Panel on New Media in Children's Literature Studies: Reflections and Insights
Mavis Reimer, Astrid Surmatz, Jean Webb, Lies Wesseling and Andrea Mei-Ying Wu Moderator: Justyna Deszcz-Tryhubczak
Friday, 2015-04-17
09:00 - 09:45
Dirk de Geest, Leuven
Help Ourselves Out of the Margins! Handbooks for Creative Writing as a Tool for Analyzing Literary Dynamics
09:50 - 10:50
Session 6: Literature and games: convergences Chair: Dorota Michułka
  • 09.50-10.10 Aleksandra Mochocka, Bydgoszcz
        The Witcher Adventure Game: Literary Texts, Video Games, and Board Games in the Convergence Culture
  • 10.10-10.30 Grzegorz Zyzik, Opole
        Plaing with Words. Twine and Rebirth of Text Games
  • 10.30-10.50 Discussion
10:50 - 11:10
Coffee break
11:10 - 12:10
Session 7: Literature and games: narrative approaches Chair: Aleksandra Mochocka
  • 11.10-11.30 Dawn Stobbart, Lancaster
        Playing the Future History of Humanity: Situating Fallout 3 as a Narratological Artefact 
  • 11.30-11.50 Justyna Fruzińska, Łódź
The Pitfalls of Narration: Call of Juarez: Gunslinger
  • 11.50-12.10 Discussion 
12:10 - 13:20
13:20 - 14:50
Session 8: Ethics Chair: Siegfried Huigen
  • 13.20-13.40 Zoltán Dragon, Szeged
        Do People Dream of Digital Archives?
  • 13.40-14.00 Maciej Jakubowiak, Kraków
Futures of Copyright
  • 14.00-14.20 Marek Kaźmierczak, Poznań
        Twitter on the Margins of Diary. Images of the Past as a Dissemination of Knowledge
  • 14.20-14.50 Discussion 
14:50 - 15:10
Coffee break
15:10 - 15:55
Michael Joyce, New York
“Children Of Our Age”: Digital Media and the Lie of Literature
16:00 - 16:15
Conference closing
19:00 - 22:00
Dinner for participants

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