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Student Internships Opportunity

Academia Europaea is a non-governmental association acting as an Academy which brings together researchers and scholars from various fields in an effort to seek and spread knowledge, science and research. Academia Europaea consists of more than three thousand members, which include Nobel laureates and winners of the prestigious Turing Award. It also works with leading experts in the physical sciences and technology, biological sciences and medicine, mathematics, humanities, social and cognitive sciences, economics and legal studies.

Launched in 2012 the Academia Europaea Knowledge Hub – Wrocław aims to:

  • Internationalize the academic environment,
  • Plan and coordinate scientific events and conferences,
  • Co-organizing academic lectures,
  • Establish and consolidate networks between Polish and international research centers.

Intership Duties:

  • Familiarization of the structure and operations within the organization,
  • Editing the AE website (text structure, text selection, editing, formatting) and working with Wiki syntax,
  • Helping with organizing lectures and conferences,
  • Translation, verification and proofreading of documents and texts.


  • Preferred when applicant was either in last year of Bachelor’s degree or currently enrolled in a Master’s Program,
  • Min. availability was 10h per week (total number of hours 120),
  • Strong knowledge of English and MS Office,
  • An independent and consistent work ethic.

Interns were issued a certificate of completion and a letter of referral at the end of the Internship.

Application method: Those interested in this Internship position were welcomed to send their CV and a short motivational letter to Dr Aleksandra Nowak.

Please attach written consent for Academia Europaea to process your personal data.