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The second podcast of Literary Margins and Digital Media – Michael Joyce interview

The future of literature, modernism,  Polish emigrants, and why it is worth putting the music of words above their meaning – Michael Joyce, poet and writer, discussed these issues in the second podcast of the Wrocław Seminar.

Michael Joyce is a pioneer of electronic literature and the author of afternoon. a story (1987) and Twilight, a symphony (1996), which is currently being translated into Polish by Ha!art corporation. The writer was the guest of the Wrocław Seminar Literary Margins and Digital Media, which began on the 15th of April 2015.

In the first part of the podcast, Michael Joyce and Mariusz Pisarski analysed the problem of the center and the margins. They also tried to summarise Joyce’s literary output in the context of modernism and postmodernism. Finally, they discussed the prototypes of Polish heroes which can be found in Twilight, a symphony.

In the second part, in response to Mikołaj Spodaryk’s questions, Joyce directed us to reflections about death and strong family relationships. Secondly, he refered to immortality of Johann Sebastian Bach’s music, and finally, they talked about translatology. As it turned out, for the author, who continues the tradition of ultra-modernism, avant gard, and literary experiment, recapturing the language melody in translation is more important than adhering only to the meaning.

The interview with the writer was the second podcast from the series of ‘Techsty’ ,related to the Wrocław Seminar. In the first podcast we talked to Zuzana Husárova i Ľubomír Panák. In the third one we will talk to organizers  of the Wrocław Seminar.
The podcast is available here.