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Wrocław Research Center EIT+ professor elected to the Academia Europaea

Professor Detlef Hommel from Wrocław Research Center EIT+, has become an elected member of the Academia Europaea.

More information can be found here (in Polish).

Detlef Hommel:

Scientific degrees and titles:

1975   MSc – Physics Dept. University of Warsaw
1979   PhD – Physics Dept. University of Warsaw
1989   Habilitation (Dr. sc. nat.) – Humboldt-University Berlin
1991   Dr. habil. rer. nat. – University Leipzig
1993   Privatdozent – University Würzburg
1994   University Professor (C4) – University of Bremen

Scientific field of interest:

Condensed matter physics, mainly semiconductors and optoelectronic devices: spectroscopy of Rare Earth ions in wide gap materials; thin film electroluminescence; modern technologies especially for semiconductor epitaxy (molecular beam epitaxy MBE and metal organic vapour phase epitaxy MOVPE) and processing (focused ion beam, photo- and e-beam-lithography, various deposition methods); nanoscience (quantum dots, micropillars and nanorods); structural, electrical and optical characterization of heterostructures; optoelectronic devices (laser diodes, surface emitters, single photon sources, sensors); basic properties of wide bandgap semiconductors (group-III nitrides, II-VI selenides and tellurides).

Scientific output and science guidance experiences:

  • 500+ original publications in internationally cited journals, among them Nature and Nature Physics, 6 Phys. Rev. Letters, 43 Phys. Rev. B, 3 Electronic Letters, 46 Appl. Phys. Letters, 21 J. Appl. Phys.;
  • Hirsch index 32;
  • 30+ invited talks at major international condensed matter conferences;
  • 17 PhD and 35+ MSc theses supervisor; out of the group one female professor at University of Aachen;
  • evaluator of physics theses in Tampere and Helsinki and in Warsaw;
  • 10 patents on semiconductor devices

Major internationally recognized achievements:

1993   Green ZnSe laser diode (LD)
1998   Homoepitaxial ZnSe LD on ZnSe substrate in cw-operation
1999   Distributed Feedback (DFB) laser (II-VI) in the green spectral region
2000   Laser diode emitting at 560 nm (yellow-green) first worldwide
2001   Quantum dot LD with CdSe/ZnSSe *
2002   First European university realizing a violet nitride-based laser diode
2004   Homoepitaxial laser diode emitting at 400 nm on a GaN-HVPE substrate
2005   cw-operation of a GaN laser diode as first university worldwide
2008   Self organized, mask-free GaN nanorods on r-plane sapphire