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2015 Annual Conference of the Academia Europaea in Darmstadt, Germany

Date: 7-10 September, 2015
Venue: Darmstadt, Germany

According to the Academy‘s mission to “Promote a better understanding among the public at large of scientific and scholarly issues which affect society, its quality of life and its standards of living”, AE2015 were, in addition to invited keynote talks by distinguished researchers, offered parallel streams focussing on the knowledge exchange between disciplines – i.e. leading experts presented their field of research and demonstrate its relevance and (potential) impact to the world and to other research domains.

Academia Europaea 2015 took place in Darmstadt. It is located in Europe‘s center and can easily be reached by all means of transportation (e.g. within 30 mins by bus from Frankfurt Airport).

Academia Europaea invited you to Darmstadt, Germany, for the 27th Annual Conference under the motto “Symbiosis – Synergy of Humans & Technology”.

More information can be found here.