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Seminar by Prof. Frédéric Dias – Ocean waves: the perfect example of a complex system

On the 25th of June, Wrocław Knowledge Hub is hosting a seminar by Professor Frédéric Dias on the mechanisms and dynamics of natural forces shaping our planet. The seminar will examine the complexities of ocean waves, address the challenges they pose, and highlight innovative efforts to harness their energy, while underlying also the importance of local community involvement in ocean waves related projects.

Our special guest is Professor Frederic Dias, an Academia Europaea Member, affiliated with ENS Paris-Saclay and University College Dublin. He is a leader in hydrodynamics, focusing on extreme waves and wave measurement. The professor oversees the ENSPS/UCD wave group and has received four ERC grants.
Do not miss this opportunity to engage with cutting-edge research and explore the intricate interplay of natural forces at this enlightening seminar.