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Call for nominations of AI experts

European Commission’s Scientific Advice Mechanism – Scientific advice on the topic: Successful and timely uptake of Artificial Intelligence in science in the EU

As part of the SAPEA (Science Advice for Policy by European Academies) consortium, Academia Europaea is pleased to issue a call for the nomination of experts to take part in a new SAPEA evidence review on ‘Successful and timely uptake of Artificial Intelligence in science in the EU’. The deadline for nominations is 14 August 2023.

What will the Working Group do?

SAPEA will draft an Evidence Review Report on the uptake of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in scientific research in the EU, covering all disciplines. This Report will then inform a Scientific Opinion of the Group of Chief Scientific Advisors (GCSA). There are 4 main topics to be addressed:

  • What impetus could AI give to scientific productivity and what benefits, challenges and risks would AI-enabled research bring to the European innovation ecosystem and the society as a whole?
  • What is the impact of AI on the scientific process, and its potential to re-shape science and its governance practices?
  • How can the EU best prepare for the impact and requirements of AI on the education and careers of the scientists and researchers of today and tomorrow, and what skills and competencies should education policies prioritize in this context?
  • How should the Commission (through policy initiatives, regulation, communication, and outreach) facilitate responsible and timely AI uptake by the scientific and research communities across the EU?

Why this topic?

Executive Vice-President of the European Commission Margrethe Vestager, responsible for the Directorate-General for Research and Innovation (DG RTD) and A Europe fit for the digital age has asked the Group of Chief Science Advisors to deliver advice on the topic of ‘Successful and timely uptake of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in science in the EU’ by the first quarter of 2024.

Who can be nominated?

You can nominate experts who may or may not be Members of Academia Europaea (MAE). The request for advice focuses on application of AI to discrete academic disciplines, interdisciplinary topics, and grand challenges, and information and data literacy for the digital age in the context of research and innovation. However, a systemic, multi-level approach will also be required, with a consideration of interrelated themes such as research assessment and evaluation, scientific publishing, copyright and intellectual property, geopolitical science in the context of AI (e.g., geopolitical implications of AI and security aspects).

How to make a nomination

For further details, please read the Call for Nominations document which includes important information about the areas of expertise required, criteria for selection, and expected workload and timelines. Nomination should be accompanied by a detailed curriculum vitae, together with a short statement on how the nominee’s experience meets the areas of expertise identified in the Call for Nominations document.

Please send nominations or any queries you may have to AE Cardiff Hub member Rafael Carrascosa Marzo ( before the deadline of 14 August 2023.