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European Identity: An antidote to the crisis of the European Union?

Academia Europaea Knowledge Hub Wrocław has a pleasure to invite you to a lecture of Prof. Dr. Ireneusz Paweł Karolewski, Chair of Political Science, Willy Brandt Center for German and European Studies, University of Wrocław


May 9, 2017, 12:00


University of Wrocław

Short outline of the lecture

The EU is facing a multitude of challenges including the rise of Eurosceptic populism, a number of crises and centrifugal tendencies. Scholars have argued for some time that strong collective identity might be a solution for communities in deep crisis. The lecture takes this as its point of departure and reflects on possibilities and limitations of the European identity. First, the lecture addresses the main issues of current research on European identity by focusing on the very concept of collective identity as well as on identity measurement. Second, drawing on nationalism research the lecture discusses main challenges to the “generating” of a supranational identity. Third, it explores specific identity “technologies” applied by the EU as well as their limitations. The lecture concludes with an assessment of how far and if at all a “nationalism-lite” of the EU can be successful.