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Lecture by Prof. Peter Gärdenfors


A new meeting in the “Philosophical Tuesdays” series was organised by the Academia Europaea Wrocław Knowledge Hub, the International Centre for Formal Ontology, the Academy of Young Scholars and Artists and the Institute of Philosophy of the University of Wrocław.

Our guest was Professor Peter Gärdenfors, a member of Academia Europaea, who delivered a lecture entitled “How Homo Became Sapiens”.

Prof. Gärdenfors is a cognitive scientist, whose main field of studies is issues connected with the decision theory, philosophy of science, and the evolution of language. He has authored books including “The Geometry of Meaning: Semantics Based on Conceptual Spaces”, “Conceptual Spaces: The Geometry of Thought” and “How Homo Became Sapiens: On the Evolution of Thinking”.