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Katarína Podušelová

Katarína Podušelová

Title: The Anthropocene and a Problem of Human Trapped in the Dissonance of Social and Economic Being.

Abstract: The paper is inspired by research in behavioral economics and suggests that analysing the dissonance between two different value systems – social and economic can contribute to addressing the challenges of the Anthropocene. Humans simultaneously live in two spheres of existence between which the boundary is blurred and they are intertwined. The social and economic spheres of existence, between which the individual navigates in everyday life, create dissonance in his or her relationship with the environment, in his or her thinking, behavior, and actions. The consequence is that human lose their overall orientation in the world, leading to the phenomenon of alienation from the natural environment or for themselves. The dissonance is caused by the fact that the sphere of social existence is subsumed by the economic system under its own interests, and the individual is thus unable to clearly identify in which value system he or she is currently situated. On the one hand, the paper wants to point out that the Anthropocene requires solutions based on the acceptance and understanding of the difference between social and economic value systems. On the other hand, it will focus on identifying possible intersections between these spheres.

Keywords: Anthropocene, Axiology, Alienation, Cognitive Dissonance, Behavioral Economics

Mgr. Katarína Podušelová
Ph.D. Student

Institute of Philosophy SAS, v. v. i.
Department of Environmental Philosophy
Klemensova 19
811 09 Bratislava
Slovak Republic