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Lea Horvat

Lea Horvat is a PhD student (2015 – ) at the Department of History at the University of Hamburg, focusing on contemporary history of (South-)Eastern Europe. Her project, supported by the German National Academic Foundation, investigates narratives of socialist mass housing in (Post-)Yugoslav space. She holds an MA in Art History and Comparative Literature from the University of Zagreb. In 2017 she was a teaching fellow at the Department of Art and Visual History at the Humboldt University of Berlin, holding the course Prefabricated Mass Housing: Between Remodelling and Historical Reappraisal. She presented her research on housing, socialist built environment, everyday life, and popular culture in (post-)socialism at the various international conferences.

Recent publication: „Man soll schöne Montagebauten schaffen“: Kunsthistorisch-architektonische Debatte zur Ästhetik der ersten Plattenbauten in Jugoslawien” (Debate on the aesthetics of the first Yugoslav prefabs in architecture and art history), in: Architektur denken – Neue Positionen zur Architektur der späten Moderne, Tino Mager, Bianka Trötschel-Daniels (eds.), Neofelis, Berlin, 2017.