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Mariusz Czepczyński

Mariusz Czepczyński is a cultural geographer, professor at the Department of Spatial Management, Institute of Geography, University of Gdańsk, Poland. His research interests are focused on cultural landscapes, post-socialist cities, heritage, urban cultures, critical geographies, quality of life, and local and regional development. He studied at the Universities of Gdańsk and Warsaw, and attended courses at the University of Oslo (1997), Harvard School of Design (1993), and Center for Land Policy Studies and Training, Taoyuan, Taiwan (2016). In 2009 – 2011 he had been employed at the Geographical Institute of the Eberhard Karls Universität Tübingen, Germany. His activities also include consultancy and advisory roles, recently to the mayor of Gdańsk, Polish Metropolitan Union, City Hall of Lodz and Thuringian Ministry for Economy, Labour and Technology. He was deputy coordinator at the RECOURSE Research and Education Centre for Urban Socio- Economic Development – Centre of Excellency within the 5th Framework Programme. Professor Czepczyński coordinates, together with Greater London and Belgian the Roeselare, Energy Transition Partnership in the Urban Agenda for the EU project (2017-2019). His major publications include books Public Space. Between Reimagination and Occupation (eds. with S. Hristova, Routledge: 2018), Cultural Landscape of Post-Socialist Cities. Representation of Powers and Needs (Ashgate: 2008), The City during the Times of Transformation: Experiencing 20 Years of Self-Governance in Gdansk (in Polish, ed. Poznań: 2011), Spaces of the post-socialist cities. Social transformations of urban areas (in Polish, ed. Poznań: 2006), Featuring the Quality of Urban Life in Contemporary Cities of Eastern and Western Europe (eds. with I. Sagan, Gdańsk: 2004). He was a member of Investigating Cultural Sustainability COST Action Programme and the Metropolitan Working Group of the Polish Academy of Sciences