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Roma Sendyka

Roma Sendyka (dr habil., associate professor), Director of the Research Center for Memory Cultures, teaches at the Center for Anthropology of Literature and Cultural Studies at the Polish Studies Department, Jagiellonian University, Krakow. Founder of the Curatorial Collective. Specializes in criticism and theory, visual culture studies, and memory studies. Focuses on relations between images, sites and memory, currently working on a project on non-sites of memory in Central and Eastern Europe. Co-editor of book series „New Humanities” (Polish Academy of Science).

Head of the research project Awkward objects of genocide. Vernacular art on the Holocaust and ethnographic museums, developed within the project Transmitting Contentious Cultural Heritages with the Arts: From Intervention to Co-Production (Horizon2020, Reflective Society, 2016-2019), and of a project titled Uncommemorated Genocide Sites and Their Impact on Collective Memory, Cultural Identity, Ethical Attitudes and Intercultural Relations in Contemporary Poland (National Programme for the Development of Humanities, 2016-2019). Published Nowoczesny esej [The Modern Essay, 2006], Od kultury ja do kultury siebie [From I to Self. A Cultural Turn 2015]; co-edited four books on memory studies. Awarded in Christian A. Johnson Endeavor Program, Patterns Program (Erste Stiftug), by EHRI, and Kościuszko Foundation. In 2011 taught at the University of Chicago.