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Silviya Serafimova

Silviya Serafimova

Roundtable Title: Challenges and Tensions of the Narratives from the Affective Anthropocene

Participants: Forrest Clingerman, Magdalena Hoły-Łuczaj, Silviya Serafimova & Patryk Szaj

Title: Climate change worry and eco-anxiety as emotional motivators for multi-species justice

Abstract: This talk will examine the origin and the implications of climate change worry and eco-anxiety as emotional motivators in Ojala et al. 's sense (2021) and thus, make room for grounding a transformative vision of justice. Specifically, I will show how the recognition of relational justice, defined by Lynch as a way of cultivating affective care relations can contribute to paving the path to multispecies justice based upon empathy. In this context, I discuss the benefits of introducing relational justice as a matter of planetary justice in the era of the Anthropocene, viz., as a way of deconstructing the ontologies of separateness (Celermajer et al. 2020) underlying multispecies relationships, as well as reducing multispecies vulnerabilities which result from a systematic injustice on the humans’ part.

Bio: Silviya Serafimova is an Associate Professor at the Department of Ethical Studies (Bulgarian Academy of Sciences) and a former fellow at the Helsinki Collegium for Advanced Studies (2014-2015). She holds a doctoral degree in ethics from Sofia University and has been a visiting scholar at the University of Copenhagen (2006-2007) and the University of Bergen (2008). She has published in different areas of ethics, including Scandinavian ethics and environmental ethics.