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Tomi Kokkonen

Tomi Kokkonen

Title: Why Understanding Anthropocene Requires Understanding Human Evolution

Panel title: What does it mean to apply evolutionary thinking into the research of Anthropocene?

Participants: Tomi Kokkonen, Dirk Vanderbeke & Jan Verpooten

Abstract: Humans are bio-cultural, ultra-social beings who adapt to their environments as social groups (or societies) with both biological and cultural, including technological, adaptations. At the same time, we change those environments, which has a looping effect back to us (the niche construction). Understanding the interaction between human activities (including emerging technologies) and the environment, and how human capacities and their development at the individual level has evolved in the context of this process, helps us better understand the nature, causes, and consequences of the Anthropocene.

Bio: Tomi Kokkonen (PhD) is a researcher in philosophy at the University of Helsinki. He works in the Robophilosophy, AI Ethics and Datafication Research Group and the TINT Centre for Philosophy of social science. His research fields include philosophy of science (including biological, behavioural and social sciences, and humanities) and philosophy of technology (especially the social, ethical and political aspects of emerging technologies).