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The lecture by Peter Raspor for marking World Food Day 2016

The lecture by Prof. Peter Raspor for marking World Food Day 2016 – Sunday, October 16th 2016

World Food Day 2016: Climate is changing. Food and agriculture must too.

Key note lecture by Peter Raspor: Environmental and demographic changes as challenge for life long learning in current society: Case food safety and security.

The hottest issues regarding food nutrition and environment which need immediate reactions were exposed to in the lecture, were main elements clustered along following challenges: Safety/security Resources/Wastes Legislation/Standardization Research / development / innovation Education/Training Changes in agriculture, food production and food systems during the last five decades may be characterised by five megatrends that influence the way agriculture takes place and how it is integrated in society was analysed and few streams for improvements offered is we properly and critically analyse following questions:

1. Population growth – can we put healthy, sustainable food on our customers plates at affordable prices?
2. Confluence between dietary health and climate change
3. Can agricultural production keep pace with demand?
4. How do we make supply chains more efficient and eliminate waste?
5. Can retailers lead consumer behaviour change or is the market always the answer?
6. Is the supermarket business model sustainable or do we need to turn the food chain through 180 degrees?
7. Does food have political priority – a high enough to be respected?

Marking 47 year of World Food Days is needed, but not sufficient way to solve the problems round Climate change. If we would really do our best we could change Food and agriculture systems, but we need to change also consumers, not only producers, not to waste what is edible.

* By professor Peter Raspor, Dr.h.c.mult., Uni. dipl. eng.
Guest professor of Food Safety at The University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna, 2006-
Guest professor of Modern Bio-Technology in Food Production at University Vienna, 2008-
Guest professor of Food Quality and Safety at Faculty of Biosistemic Sciences at University of Maribor, 2009-
Guest professor of Food Safety at Faculty of Health Sciences at University of Ljubljana, 2011-
Retired professor of Microbiology and Food safety from University of Primorska, 2014-2016
Retired professor of Industrial Microbiology and Biotechnology from University of Ljubljana, 1986-2013
Retired professor of Food Biotechnology from Budapest Corvinus University, 1994-2006.


Friday, 14 October 2016, 13:00


Wrocław University of Environmental and Life Sciences